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Our advantages
Transparent cost of services
You will understand from the first meeting, what you pay for and what you will get after web-site development.
You are always abreast of works progress
For every project we make flow chart, on which you can monitor the work’s stages.
Wide range of services
We offer the full cycle of web-site development on “turnkey” basis.
Our customers are around the world
The geography of our customers is various. We cooperate with customers from different countries.
Respect our and your time
We consult our on customers on web-site development free of charge and help with TA writing.
We bear responsibility
Even after project commission we can always help our customers to manage the problems.
Web-site design
Web-design of site is an art of integration, stylistics and embellishment, the first impression of the site. The main goal of design is to create individual appearance of the site, clear for users, which will be catchy and associate with the only resource. You can order web-site design from scratch and also redesign of existing website (redesign).
Web-site “turnkey” development
We offer the services in the projects development, which will become effective tools in creating positive image of your company, attracting target audience and expanding customer's data base. Our biggest advantage is a wide range of our possibilities, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Among them are on-line business card, promotional web-site, internet-shops, enterprise portals and the others.
Start-up development
We understand the specifics of start-up development and we know how to organize the process. That's why the customers with non-standard projects come to us. To develop quality start-up as soon as possible and not to exceed the budget, it's important to build up the cooperation between the start-up author and the developers.
One-time services
This service is aiming at customers who need redesigning the existing sites for any reasons or creation non-standard functional modules. You can order website improvement or development separate modules from scratch and also functional changes of an exciting website.
Web-site technical support
This service is great for small sites and projects which don't have staff for site or project support. We will save you from routine technical work. And we will render the "first aid" for your site, if necessary.
Market analysis
This service is designed for those who are going to launch own project, but don’t know how complicated the work in this area will be, what costs will be involved to make the project successful, which competitors to focus on.
Semantic kernel analysis
This service is important for all sites, which want to promote in search-engine systems. This service can be promptly used before the beginning of site performance. Without semantic kernel the promotion in search-engine systems is impossible, as well as it makes impossible to estimate the budget of supposed promotion.
Web-site promotion in searching systems
Website promotion in search engines - this is one of the main ways attract customers (the audience) to your website and get the most out of your website. We perform a wide range of services to optimize and promote your website for keywords (semantic kernel). Being in the top positions of search results, you get maximum traffic to your website and thereby increase the number of sales.
Social Media Marketing
Promotion in social networks (Social Media Marketing) is a method to improve recognition of your product or service, loyalty of your consumer. One of the rule of your brand, goods or service success is awareness of you own target audience. If your target audience spends more and more time in social nets, it's high time for you to open there your representation, as your brand page in Facebook, a group in Vcontacts, channel on YouTube, profile in Twitter, etc.
Context advertising
Allocation of internet advertising, based on corresponding of advertising content to context (content) of internet page, on which advertising block is allocated. Media of advertising can be textographical, banner or video.
Email marketing
Email marketing is service, which is offered to use all advantages of mailing in internet. Mailing lists have existed for a long time, and have a reputation as an effective tool for branding and sales growth.
Site SEO audit
It is detailed site analysis of how its pages, structure, content and other technical parameters correspond the search-engine systems requirements. This service is aimed at the sites, developed without SEO optimization before promotion in the search-engine systems. Without audit and corrections promotion in the search-engine systems will be complicated, and in some neglected cases even impossible.
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Home page design
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HTML coding
SEO oriented coding
CMS assembly
HTML coding integration
Advance payment 30%
Front-end programming
Administrator part programming
Alpha testing
Beta testing
Payment 40%
Completion of works
Placing and installation at customer’s hosting, adjustment
Report and website documentation
Welcome to the official site of the web-studio 'Nefrit'. We offer service in sites development, their optimization and web-design services.

In spite of the high competition in this area, web-studio 'Nefrit' has achieved high results not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well. Nevertheless, we are moving ahead, developing and expanding our range of service.

Being relatively young but dynamic studio in the web-development market, the company offers wide range of web-technologies, and the main of them are the following:

1. Web-site development

We offer the services in the projects development, which will become effective tools in creating positive image of your company, attracting target audience and expanding customers’ data base. Our biggest advantage is a wide range of our possibilities, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. Among them are on-line business card, promotional web-site, internet-shops, enterprise portals and the others. To have a closer look at our range of services you can move to the 'Portfolio' part, where you can find numerous successful projects of any kind.

2. Search engine optimization and website promotion

Web-studio 'Nefrit' has many effective tools to attract target audience to the site. Our optimizers use different methods for promoting your resource to the TOP of the search engine system, taking into account the resource type and its goal. As a result of smartly chosen methods of SEO your company becomes recognizable among the customers, their number is growing and your incomes are growing consequently.

3. Web-design, programming, and HTML-coding

At present moment, when competition is very tough, for every web-resource is important not only to improve the status quo but to keep its customers and attracting the new ones. In this case you have to emphasize not only the inner structure and outer optimization, but the usability of your resource. If your portal needs update, our designers will willingly start development of the exclusive design. Besides we can offer HTMP coding and the service of web-programming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript).

Customer’s needs orientation

Web-sites development, their content and promotion in internet is based on your wishes and preferences at all stages of our work. Our web-studio works in a constant contact with clients. We try to take into account all your demands and guarantee their full and timely implementation. It concerns technical implementation of your ideas, web-design, developing the content, advertisement and other aspects.

High professionalism and qualifications of specialists

Not everybody can confidently speak up about his/her competence in development and site promotion area nowadays. But you can always trust our experience in the area. Our professional team consisting of programmers, optimizers, designers with an impressive work experience and plenty of the projects of different directions, can do everything possible and impossible for developing quality resource in the shortest terms. Experience, deep knowledge of the subject and high interest in new methods of solving problems allow our specialists complete the assignments of any difficulty brilliantly.

Ability of making precise and grounded forecasts

Before starting development of a new project (site development, content filling or site update) we provide deep and thorough analysis and then offer a few options of work with a resource. Our web-studio values every customer and we expect long-term cooperation, that's why we set real goals and forecasts and grant our customers full information about current situation at any stage of work.

Web-studio 'Nefrit' is an experienced and reliable partner, who will provide prosperity and implementation of your creative ideas adequately.

Our address: Ukraine, Crimea, Simferopol.
Phone: +38 095 75 153 74