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Design development brief

Below you will find provisional form for design development service by ‘Nefrit’ studio. Please answer as detailed as possible the given questions.

Your answers will help to obtain an idea about you, your company, your customers, and also about personal preferences and tastes. Using this information, we will be able to define requirements for developing design more accurately.

Tell about yourself
What is your name, your position, what is your relation to the order and customer, what are your contact details etc?
Tell about your company
What is your company’s name, correct spelling, possible abbreviations, is it possible to translate your company’s name to other languages, which name should be used etc?
Describe the field of your activity and area of business
Specify your advantages, differences, key points, which you’d like first of all to inform the audience.
Does your company have a mission, objective?
If you have a slogan or motto - please quote.
Describe the purpose of design development.
Do you order the first variant or it will be redesign of previous version (specify the problem for redesign)? Which practical results would you like to obtain with the help of the new design?
Describe results, which you would like to obtain with the help of the new design.
Trade mark recognizability rise, customers’ perception improvement (UI), etc.
Make a few examples of designs you are fond of.
Make a few examples of designs you don’t like.
Describe in details what parts of their implementation look disadvantageous and what are the reasons for it.
Your preferences for the color gamut of the future design
If you have already got the developed elements of your company's style (logotype, brandbook, polygraphic products, etc.), which we can use in design development, share these things with us, please.
Can you describe the spirit and associations, which the design of your future design must invoke
Highlight the corresponding lines on the right and put down your ideas in a free way under the list
Choice of design stylistics
Does your company have enterprise style, logotype, advertisement materials, banners? If not, do you need their development?
Indicate approximate budget
Are there any outer circumstances which can change the schedule (for example, PR-campaign, exhibitions or annual report)?
Indicate approximate budget