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Who is the service aiming at?

This service is aiming at customers who need redesigning the existing sites for any reasons or creation non-standard functional modules. It is more correct to order services in redesigning with the existing TA, but if it is absent - our specialists can help to create TA from the brief data, preliminary filled by the customer. So the volume of the work as well as its complexity makes the final costs.

Price and service list:

You can order website improvement or development separate modules from scratch and also functional changes of an exciting website. Below you will find approximate price of works. In major, price of services are defined individually. The below prices are rather indicative.

Depending on your demands, we can offer the following options of one-time services (not the full list):

Text information changing/adding on the page (for 1000 signs) 5$
Image changing/adding (for 1 pc) 1$
HTML-coding (for one unique page) 40$ - 100$
HTML-coding (for secondary 1 page) 10$ - 25$
Programming (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript ...)(for 1 one hour) 20$

Also we can offer following variants of module (not the full list):

Image dimensions changing 10$
Image file size changing 10$
Image preview cutting 10$
Water mark adding on the image 10$
Color into black and white images conversion 10$
Page navigation 30$
“Accordion” menu 30$
Copying protection 30$
Informers 30$
Light box (gallery in pop-up) 30$
Pop-up tips 30$
Slideshow 30$
Rotating menu (roundabout) 30$
Calendar for form 30$
Social network buttons 30$
Pulldown menus 75$
Questions-answers 45$
Votings 45$
Guestbook 45$
Audio/video player 45$
Website news 45$
Search within the website 45$
Feedback form 45$
Forum 45$
Articles 50$
Photo gallery 50$
Extended search 75$
Online consultant 75$

The stages of the work fulfillment

1. Receipt of information and discussion the assignment.
2. Analysis of the assignment, complexity estimate, cost estimate.
3. Confirmation of the TA in a written agreement.
4. Advance payment (partially 50% or full 100%).
5. Assignment completion by the specialists from the company's technical department.
6. Testing, improvement and corrections.
7. Final settlement (including additional changes).

The terms of completion depend on the Customer's promptness in the additional agreement confirmation, timely payment, work complexity. Minimal term of additional works fulfillment is 2 workdays on the advance payment receipt.