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Design service
Web-design of site is an art of integration, stylistics and embellishment, the first impression of the site.
Site creation has a goal to offer the customer services and the goods of the company in an easy and effective way, and beautiful embellishment, called web-design, follows the information.

The goal of design

The main goal of design is to create individual appearance of the site, clear for users, which will be catchy and associate with the only resource.

Designer’s services costs

You can order web-site design from scratch and also redesign of existing website (redesign). Below you will find approximate price of services. In major, price of services are defined individually. The below prices are rather indicative.

Web-site model development with personal design for unique page from 100$
Web-site model development with personal design secondary page from 60$
Web-site model development with pattern design for unique page from 60$
Web-site model development with pattern design for secondary page from 60$
Logo development from 60$
Icon development from 60$
Static banner development (*.jpg, *.png) from 60$
Animated banner development (*.gif) from 60$
Flash-banner development (*.swf) from 60$
Enterprise style (logo, business card, envelope) from 60$

The stages of the work fulfillment

1) Setting the goals and objectives
The customer develops the demands and preferences for design. Together with the Customer we define the direction of design.

2) Defining the structure
The structure of the style, catalogues, brochures or other product is composed according to the Customer's demands and preferences, goals and objectives.

3) Development of the design concept
The design concept is developed in accordance with the confirmed structure. It can have a few directions which can be developed on full approval of the Customer.

4) Design development, breadboarding
Other components are developed after concept approval

5) Original files delivery
Upon work completion the customer will be supplied with original files on CD/DVD disk(s) and test color paper printoust