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Preliminary market analysis
This service is designed for those who are going to launch own project, but don’t know how complicated the work in this area will be, what costs will be involved to make the project successful, which competitors to focus on.

The activities on preliminary market analysis are the following:

Composing semantic kernel.
This information will define what content is preliminary important for the site.

Identification and analysis of the leaders by the search-engine traffic in the area.
In a framework of this item the list of competitors and analysis of those who present the highest percentage of visibility in search-engine systems as for semantic kernel content will be made.

Approximate analysis of the leaders’ traffic of the analyzed market.
This information can define the ways the leaders get their traffic. What percentage of the traffic comes from the search-engine systems and what comes from other sources. It allows to identify how important will be to promote the site by the search-engine systems.

Guidelines for site optimization.
Due to these guidelines you can create the site which will be 'liked' by the search-engine systems.

Guidelines for the organizations of the content structure on the site.
Basing on the competitors analysis we can make guidelines how to organize content on the site and how it must look to attract the users from the search-engine systems.

Strategy of resource promotion in the search-engine systems.
This strategy can help you to realize what expenses you will have on your project and what reference budget you need to make it the top.

The cost of the market analysis

The cost of the service is from 350$.