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Brief on semantic kernel acquisition

Below you will find provisional form for order of semantic kernel acquisition service for your web-site by ‘Nefrit’ studio. Please answer the given questions as detailed as possible.

Your answers will help to obtain an idea about you, your company, your customers, and also about personal preferences and tastes. Using this information, we will be able to define requirements for semantic kernel acquisition for your website.

Tell about yourself
What is your name, your position, what is your relation to the order and customer, what are your contact details etc?
Tell about your company
What is your company’s name, correct spelling, possible abbreviations, is it possible to translate your company’s name to other languages, which name should be used etc?
Describe the field of your activity and area of business
Specify your advantages, differences, key points, which you’d like first of all to inform the audience.
Does your company have a mission, objective?
If you have a slogan or motto - please quote.
Domain name
Specify your web-site domen name without http://www
Web-site age
Indicate approximate web-site age, starting for launching date (date when the site appeared in internet)
Your web-site successes
Does your site have some awards? Or does your site have any places by keywords? etc.
Describe the results, which you would like to obtain with the help of the web-site.
Sales volume increase, trade mark recognizability rise, website visitors’ growth, client base increase etc.
Describe your target group
Description of target group (region, sex, education, income level, marital status, life style, habits and preferences etc.). What are the targets of the website working with this group?
Make examples of the sites, which can be your direct competitors.
What makes them your direct competitors (area of work, product group etc.)?
What requirements (in your opinion) must be met for the site kernel acquitting?
List the words and phrases (in your opinion) after which you can be found in internet.
What steps have you taken for web-site optimization?
Have you ordered site promotion in other organizations or have you tried to do it yourself? Which one have you undretaken?
Which search engine should we consider in your opinion?
Yandex, Google and for which countries?
Do you use off-line promotion? If yes, indicate which one.
Which promotion do you use in the real world (throw-aways, billboards etc)?
Web-site changes
How often site changes are made? Do you write articles, news or do you make changes in the site structure, etc?
Promotion consistency
How long do you plan to use promotion service? Do you plan to promote permanently or temporary?
Support person
Name, position, connection to the order and customer, contact details etc.
Analytic reports
Do you carry on any analytics on the projects? If yes, what kind of analytics?
Does your web-site require branding (banner advertizing) and contextual advertisement on the thematic sites?
If you need additional advertisement for attraction of maximum visitors quantity, indicate what type of additional advertisement you require. Also indicate separate budget for this type of promotion.
It is required to indicate estimated budget