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Semantic kernel
What is kernel?

Semantic kernel is a complex of thematic words and wordforms, which exactly describe the theme of the site and the services offered, its goods and other activities. The library of these words and wordforms are ordinary known as keywords or key requirements. Their main function is to deliver the presentation of the site direction and its services to the search-engine systems and their users as clear as possible.

Who needs this service?

This service is important for all sites, which want to promote in search-engine systems. This service can be promptly used before the beginning of site performance. Without semantic kernel the promotion in search-engine systems is impossible, as well as it makes impossible to estimate the budget of supposed promotion. The words volume, which must be analysed and the quantity of pages for which the kernel is made, makes the final cost of the activities on the semantic kernel acquisition.

To get general idea about semantic kernel significance, one should outline a few basic functions:

  • Semantic kernel develops the site structure
  • Semantic kernel develops the theme of the site, as well as gives presentation about the site and its separate parts and pages to the search-engine systems and users, what improves the site indexing by the search-engine systems
  • Semantic kernel develops plan and strategy of the site promotion
  • Semantic kernel develops the optimal group of the key-words, usage of which will promote the site
  • When site content is written, semantic kernel helps to highlight functional features and the parts and the offered services specific, what increases usability of the site for its customers.

The cost of semantic kernel

The cost of the service is from 50$.

The terms of completion depend on the Customer's promptness in the additional agreement confirmation, timely payment, work complexity. Minimal term of additional works fulfillment is 2 workdays on the advance payment receipt.

The stages of execution:

  • Collection and analysis of different requirements which respond the theme of the chosen site.
  • Screening the least appropriate ones for the chosen site promotion.
  • Competitor's analysis on the basis of the selected key-words.
  • Screening of the least competitive requirements.
  • Semantic kernel acquisition and distribution of key-words on the site pages.