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Site (which needs this service)
SEO audit order
Site (which needs this service)
Site SEO audit
What is SEO audit?

It is detailed site analysis of how its pages, structure, content and other technical parameters correspond the search-engine systems requirements.

SEO-audit is held on the first stage of the development, after the agreement of the site promotion conclusion. As a rule audit takes not more than 2 weeks.

What sites don't need SEO-audit?

Those that can't be changed according the audit plan.

Who is this service aimed at?

This service is aimed at the sites, developed without SEO optimization before promotion in the search-engine systems. Without audit and corrections promotion in the search-engine systems will be complicated, and in some neglected cases even impossible. The proper time of using this service is before launching the site. However, we believe that there is hardly any site ideal from the point of view of the search-engine systems, so any project can be given guidelines. It depends on criticality of the issue. In this way, the final cost of the SEO-audit activities is made of the volume of the analyzed site and the number of the errors detected during free analysis.

The choice of service.

We offer two kinds of them, free and paid.

Free SEO audit of the site (express audit)

This audit gives much useful information about your site, as well as technical one:
  • information about full and correct site optimization
  • information about site safety
  • site usability
  • information about site content
  • site rates in the search-engine systems
  • and etc.

Information, given by you, will be very helpful for the site promotion, as well as for its whole effectiveness improvement.
Order the service 'Express audit'

Paid SEO audit of the site (detailed audit)

For getting more detailed information about all errors and shortcomings of the site, detected during express audit, as well as detecting all errors which can be shown only during more detailed analysis, we recommend our service 'Detailed audit'.

The results of detailed audits are:
  • detailed report
  • the list of the activities, necessary for elimination those errors and shortcomings, that prevent the site from reaching the high rates in the search-engine systems.
Order the service 'Detailed audit'

Plan of SEO audit includes the following activities, but without limitation:

1. Analysis of inner reference structure of the site.
2. Analysis of the site landing pages accessibility for the search-engine systems.
3. Availability of the pages, texts and headlines backup on the site.
4. Check of the site content for uniqueness.
5. Check of different types of pages for indexation in search-engine systems.
6. ‘Black promotion’ check (domain pasting, spamming, hided texts).
7. Check of the site pages for errors in HTML-code.
8. Check of site’s outbound links mass.
9. Possible site-affiliates check.
10. Target entry point check for promoted request correspondence.
11. Analysis of Errors, provided by Google Webmaster Tools and Yandex.Webmaster.
12. Check of site’s outer links mass.
13. Recommendations upon results of Google Analytics.
14. Guidelines for optimization and text, headers and metadata design.
15. Guidelines for images’ optimization for searching systems requirements.
16. Composing Robots.txt file.
17. Defining site rating in searching systems.

Costs of SEO audit

You can order free (surface SEO audit) and paid (detailed SEO audit of the site). Below you can see approximate estimate of the activities. Cost of the activities is usually estimated individually. The prices listed are introductory.

Average cost of the SEO audit is from 250$.

After all errors and defects detection the report with all necessary corrections will be delivered, and the cost of the corrections works.