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What is start-up?

Start-up is a recently founded company (possibly not registered yet, but which is going to become official), which hasn't entered the market yet, or just started entering and has limited resources.

Specifics of start-up development

What is the difference between a start-up and a site? Regular site usually has understanding functional. For example, internet shop must provides a search and order of new goods. It must have goods' catalogue and shopping trolley. Of course, it could be differently designed but the objective will be the same.

Start-up is absolutely different thing. We can define a few main differences of start-up from the regular site:
  • Start-up is constantly changing during the process of its development.
  • There are no ready decisions for start-up.
  • Start-up is a valid project.

When internet shop or enterprise site are only tools (often not the only ones) for fulfilling the main company function, start-up is a company itself. It needs constant care. It needs development like any other project in a real world.

Start-up development

We understand the specifics of start-up development and we know how to organize the process. That's why the customers with non-standard projects come to us. To develop quality start-up as soon as possible and not to exceed the budget, it's important to build up the cooperation between the start-up author and the developers.

The stages of start-up development are the following:

Start-up idea.
At this stage the concept of project is generally discussed, its essence and perspectives of development. As a result, cost estimates and terms of the project development are made.

The stages of the project implementation.
Start-up is constantly changing. That's why it's hard to create detailed TA (technical assignment) for the whole project even for an experienced author. And it makes no sense, because it changes anyway in the process of development. It is smart to start with breaking the whole project into separate, complete and clear stages.

Preparation of TA for the first stage.
Majority of the customers don't have experience of TA writing, but we work with them every day. That's why we prepare TA for the first stage of start-up by ourselves and then confirm it with the author. Having the TA the author of start-up can easier make corrections than writing by him/herself. The aim of the first stage is to launch a project as soon as possible with the minimum functional.

First stage implementation.
The first stage is a main body of start-up. After it completion the project starts working. It's possible to write texts, promote it in search systems, get feedback from the users. During the implementation of the first stage the author can better understand the start-up, and prepare assignment for the next stage. Having the project in force, the customer can understand what to improve, change or remake. It is a normal process.

Implementation of other stages of start-up development.
The project is developing and growing in real time, accounting wishes of the users and author, until its full concept is implemented in the frameworks of the basic idea (I.1). As a result we avoid extra work and the customer reduces the terms and the costs of the start-up development significantly.

Further modernization.
Even after complete implementation of the initial idea the successful start-up follows to develop. It can happen immediately or after some time. The principles will stay the same, and we can work with the project as much as it needed.

Our customers can always get our assistance and advice, their success is our success.