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Web-site promotion in social networks
Promotion in social networks (Social Media Marketing) is a method to improve recognition of your product or service, loyalty of your consumer.

One of the rule of your brand, goods or service success is awareness of you own target audience. If your target audience spends more and more time in social nets, it's high time for you to open there your representation, as your brand page in Facebook, a group in Vcontacts, channel on YouTube, profile in Twitter, etc.

We will develop the promotion strategy, taking into account your goals and potential audience, your brand target. For receiving personal sales offer you have to fill in the brief.

Price for promotion in social networks

Minimal budget for promotion – 450$ / month.

The stages of execution

Preparatory works

1) Brief filling
2) Commercial proposition preparation
3) Budget approval
4) Contact signing and payment

Initial works

1) Creation/access to the social network’s pages
2) Creation and approval of prototype of pages appearance
3) Pages design in social networks
4) Daily content filling of pages
5) Linking up and daily correction of target banner advertising
6) Campaign effectiveness analysis
7) Further activities recommendations
8) Monthly report creation

Permanent works

1) Daily content filling of pages
2) Regular effectiveness control of advertising campaign
3) Concept development, plan preparation and actions organization for the month
4) Campaign effectiveness analysis
5) Further activities recommendations
6) Monthly report creation