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Web-site technical support
Options/schemes of the sites support:

1. During a month a Customer sets assignments, sends text materials, graphic pictures for placement on the site. On accordance our specialists fulfill all the works and in the end of the month we make cost estimates and invoice for payment. This scheme is used in the work with our regular customers, whose projects need constant care of our specialists, and sometimes real-time interference.

2. A customer sends technical assignment (it can content a plan, work list, for a month, for example) before the start of the work; we estimate it, make estimates, costs. An advance payment is made before the start of work and the full payment is made after its completion. It’s the most comfortable and popular scheme of work.

3. We negotiate in advance and confirm monthly volume of work, as well as the budget for site service, monthly payment. This scheme is appropriate if the work with the site is homogeneous, regular and can be planned, as well as the monthly budget for a long term.

Program improvement and site perfection, design and HTML-coding, search-engine optimization, projects' analysis are fulfilled by our specialists according to the confirmed technical assignment and cost estimate.

The works on technical site support include the following:
1. Control of the site functioning and delete the errors in its work.
2. Creation of the postboxes on your site domain
3. Back-up of your sites (twice a month)
4. Assistance in hosting and domain name register, their relocation
5. Assistance in negotiations with the hosting supplier and domain name registration
6. Liveinternet, Rambler and other counters installation
7. Site recovery in case of malfunction
8. Creation of the postboxes on your site domain(not more than 30 per month)
9. Content allocation

Using technical site support you can get faster and more quality assistance in case of the site malfunction.

Cost of technical support

Technical support is given free during six month after site creation, after that term it costs 50$ monthly.

The stages of work fulfillment

1. Receipt of information and discussion of extra works on a site.
2. Analysis of the assignment, complexity estimate, cost estimate.
3. Confirmation of the TA in a written form as an addition to the main agreement.
4. Advance payment (partially 50% or full 100%).
5. Assignment completion by the specialists from the company's technical department.
6. Testing, improvement and corrections.
7. Final settlement (including additional changes).

The terms of completion depend on the Customer's promptness in the additional agreement confirmation, timely payment, work complexity. Minimal term of additional works fulfilment is 3 workdays on the advance payment receipt.